If you’ve been straining to hear the homily during mass at St. Augustine’s, turning up your hearing aid, or just wondering if your ears need a cleaning, you’re not alone. While some things become more revered and impressive with age, like our church and our community, some things don't… like our sound system.

Over the years, many advancements have been made in sound projection and amplification technology. The microphones that pick up the sound, the wires and cables that carry it, the electronics that amplify it and the speakers that we hear have all improved significantly since we bought our first system twenty five years ago.

With the enthusiastic support of Father Andrew, the decision was made to obtain proposals and estimates from three companies with expertise in the field. St. Augustine’s music director Peter Allen was put in charge of the process. After many months of reviews and documents, meetings and discussions, the decision was made to hire Allstar Media. Having designed and installed the sound system at Rogers Arena, their experience is second to none. Myk Shaflick of Allstar (pictured here with Peter Allen) worked closely with Peter on both the design and the installation.

The system includes new microphones, a state of the art sound board, and new speaker columns. In the near future we'll be implementing hearing impaired assistance, and a new sound system for the parish hall.

On January 27 of 2019, the system was put online and used for the Sunday services. The quality and clarity of our new sound system is undeniable. We expect this will result in many improvements in our parish community, from getting the message out clearly to all, to better sound for our lectors and music ministry.



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