Our new logomark

This is our new Parish logo.

Why do we need one of those? Well, we know it’s important to be consistent in our communication and messaging to our parishioners. It’s also important to be visually consistent.

We hope that by branding all Parish communication with this mark, you’ll be able to spot it even on a crowded bulletin board.

We’ve chosen the arched stained glass window as the structural form not only because it’s readily identifiable. The windows at St. Augustine’s Church let in the light, but filter it through a veil of colour. They remind us where we are and why we’re here.

They let us see through to the natural beauty on the other side.

That’s what we do when we profess our faith. We let others see the beauty within.

The sections of the window are similar in colour, but not exactly the same. And so it is with our community. While we all belong to the wonderful family that is St. Augustine’s we also bring our own unique tint to the congregation.



St. Augustine's Catholic Community

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