the men's retreat

THE RETREAT is open to men 19 years and over.

Further details will follow. Registration will open on August 1st and it will fill up very quickly. If you have any questions or wish to reserve a spot, please contact David Cummings at (604) 312-7742 or by email at david@davidcummings.ca.

Visit the website here.

Come and be blessed. Come and be encouraged and shepherded on your faith journey.

I have been to many retreats over many years, and you never know what they will be like, and what God has in store for each of us. Three years ago I attended the very first THE MEN’S RETREAT. Last year I attended their second one.

As a then 68 year old, I sometimes wondered about my role in God’s church. Was I getting too old? Was I still relevant? Does anyone even want to listen to my life experiences, failures and successes? One of the breakout sessions was meant for me and for the other “older” men at the retreat. One of the organizers and speaker at the breakout session, Jake Khym, spoke about how vital older men are in God’s plan for His church. How the younger generations need holy men to model Christ for them and mentor them. God longs for us older, mature men to take our place in His army, as spiritual warriors; meek in the true sense of the word, which is a quiet strength in the Lord. A willingne

ss to be honest and vulnerable.

Through Jake’s teaching, God not only showed what He asks of “older” men but personally challenged me to make myself available. So, thanking God for bringing me to the retreat, I told Him I was available and asked Him to bring the younger men of His choosing into my life - that I may humbly walk with them. Since that first retreat, I have had the privilege of walking alongside several younger men, hopefully giving them Christlike guidance along life’s journey. God is so good, so very good. I can truly say that I have learned much from these young men and consider it a blessing to know them.

I learned some years ago that better than having a good idea is acting on a good idea.

By making myself available to God by going to THE MEN’S RETREAT, listening to what I believe the Holy Spirit was asking of me and then acting on His idea, many young men and I have been truly blessed, all for God’s glory!

I hope my faith journey has planted a good idea in your mind and heart and that you will act on it. Who knows, perhaps we will go on a long walk together.


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